Convenient VHS to Digital Services Near You and Online for Fast and Reliable Conversion

Convenient VHS to Digital Services Near You and Online for Fast and Reliable Conversion

It’s important to convert your VHS tapes to digital. Not only are they already deteriorating, potentially risking your memories, but digital videos are easier to share, edit, and enjoy. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for “VHS to digital near me” you might have trouble weighing your options. 

That’s why we’re here to provide you with the most convenient and high quality nearby options for digital conversion. With experience converting over 12 million memories, Capture knows exactly what you need to know in order to discover the best option for your VHS tapes. 

Keep reading to learn about DIY, online, and brick-and-mortar options and how to compare them to determine which one offers the best price, quality, and convenience. 

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DIY VHS to Digital Options

DIY video transfer is a popular option because it’s highly affordable and can still provide decent quality if you know what you’re doing. However, you will need some equipment to perform the transfer. 

First, you will need a way to play the videotapes, which means you’ll need either an analog vintage camcorder or an old VHS VCR. If you don’t have those, you can find VCRs for sale and VHS, VHS-C, and S-VHS camcorders as well. 

You will also need a VHS to digital converter. These are the devices that actually perform the process of digitizing home movies. There are various options available, but some of the best VHS to digital converters have built-in screens so you can watch your memories during transfer. 

Others use software to upload or even edit the digital videos on your Windows or Mac computers. While we recommend doing plenty of research before deciding on one, some options we like include the DIGITNOW Video Converter, Elgato Video Capture Device, and the Roxio Easy VHS to DVD Converter. 

The process for using these devices varies slightly depending on the specific device, but it generally involves connecting the converter to your playback device (VCR or camcorder) and starting both. Then, the digitization process occurs in real-time to produce digital copies of your old home movies and upload them to a hard drive or other storage option. 

While this option is affordable, it is also very time-consuming and may not produce professional quality. Still, it remains a fantastic option, especially for those on a budget. 

Online VHS to Digital Options

Even if you’re looking for “VHS to digital near me” you don’t want to forget about online options. After all, you can send them your VHS tapes locally even if they are located in another state or country. 

Since there are several options for analog to digital file conversion, we strongly suggest comparing different factors including turnaround time, security for your memories, conversion quality, customer reviews, and pricing. 

For example, when comparing ScanCafe vs Capture, you will find that Capture offers greater security for your memories with a state-of-the-art security and tracking system, while ScanCafe sends them all the way to India for processing. Then, when you compare ScanCafe prices to Capture, you will find that they are quite similar. 

Another way to find the best video transfer service near me is to compare reviews and complaints. For example, LegacyBox complaints include common issues with greater than 12 week turnaround time and lost memories while iMemories reviews are more favorable but still include negative feedback on high pricing. 

If you want help comparing all the top services, check out our handy comparison chart to see how everybody stacks up. 

Local Digital Conversion Services

You might have local shops that offer digitization in your area. While these options often cost more than online services or DIY options due to less demand for their services, they also offer some advantages. 

Many times they offer more personalized services like organization for your memories, custom slideshows, add-on video restoration, and more. Plus, they offer friendly local support that you might find more charming than an online service, even one like Capture that offers dedicated support and satisfaction guarantees. 

Another advantage is easy local drop off and pick up. While this is also true of online services, with a local option you know exactly where your memories are throughout the entire process. 

As with online options, make sure you consider reviews, service quality, turnaround time, cost, and other factors before making your decision. If you’re not sure if you have a local option in your area, check out the next section to find options in the largest U.S. cities. 

Brick-and-Mortar Options in the Top 10 US Cities

These are some of the best options in the top American cities as well as their service offerings and other info. 

New York City

  • EverPresent: While they are known for offering online digitizing services throughout the country, they have local services in Manhattan as well. In fact, they are also located in several other states including Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. 
  • White Glove Memories: With great videos and comprehensive digitization services for film, photo, and videotapes, this option is great for New York residents. Plus, they can go to your home to pick up your memories if you are in the tri-state area! 
  • Doi Camera: Affordable services and high-quality digital format  as well as DVD copies available for your memories. They also offer VHS tape repair services and have been around since 1971. 

Los Angeles 

  • Los Angeles Video Transfer Service: Offer a wide variety of digitization including Betamax, MiniDV, VHS, photo, and audio cassette conversion. Located in Pasadena and has both online and in-person ordering for locals. 
  • Los Angeles Public Library DIY Memory Lab: Use the L.A. library system to borrow equipment and convert your VHS tapes yourself for free! They have VCRs and conversion software options. 


  • Chicago Scanning: With free quotes and tons of digital conversion services, this is a quality choice created by a local, lifelong Chicago resident. 
  • Digital Saviors Chicago: Offers in-person services in Elk Grove Village, free quotes, and has excellent reviews that praise their outstanding support and trustworthy process. Plus, they offer a ton of great audio conversion services.


  • Houston Video Transfer: They are the “only media transfer service in the United States that is co-owned and operated by a Nationally Recognized Photojournalist and Editor who is a two-time National Emmy Winner.” They also have great reviews and fair pricing structures. 
  • International Video Tape Copy: This location doesn’t just offer comprehensive video format digitization including MiniDV, 8mm tape, Sony Betamax, Video8, and Digital 8, but they also offer video restoration and film reel restoration. 


  • Transfer For Less Phoenix: With all the work done in-house, affordable pricing, and satisfaction guaranteed, this option is a great choice. Plus, they offer color correction, basic editing of digital media, DVD service, and customer preview before transfer. 
  • On-Site Video: This old-school operation has served the Phoenix area since 1979 and accepts most analog media. Plus, they offer on-location videography, audio and video editing, and other special services. 


  • Zim’s Media Conversions: At $20 per tape and friendly customer service, this option looks great. Plus, they often include the USB flash drive copy for free. No wonder they have great reviews! 
  • Masterpiece Multimedia: Has been offering quality services to the area since 2001 and offers online project status checking as well as digital media transfer. 

San Antonio

  • Dub King: Offers PAL and NTSC video tape transfer, Super 8 film reel transfer, audio transfer, and photo scanning services. They were established in 1981 and offer extremely fast and affordable services. 
  • San Antonio Video Transfers: Not only do they provide fast service and high-quality results, but they also allow you to rent 8mm film viewers and multipurpose projectors. 

San Diego

  • San Diego Audio Video: These conversion specialists are completely dedicated to in-house transfers. They also assign your tapes to their own bin labeled with name and ID number to ensure safety throughout the process. They also meticulously convert to ensure top-quality results. 
  • George’s Camera: As a local photography store since 1965, George’s Camera is a highly trusted option for San Diego citizens looking for “VHS to Digital near me.” However, they don’t have a ton of information about their digital conversions, so you’ll have to call for a quote.


  • Action Video Service: With an unbeatable local turnaround time of less than a week and professional services guaranteed, this option is definitely worth looking into if you’re in the DFW area. 
  • Dallas Digital Video: They offer videotape conversion as well as videotape repair services. Not only that, but they offer video production, wedding videography, and video editing as well. 

San Jose

  • San Jose Camera & Video: Family-owned and operated since 1929, this company is much more than a VHS to digital transfer business. They also offer camera and equipment rentals, photography classes, and friendly customer service. 
  • AV Workshop: Starting at $29 per tape, this service is a great local choice that also offers DVD transfer and USB copies. Plus, they offer local and shipping conversion services. 

Comparison of Options

When comparing different local, online, and DIY options for VHS to digital near me, make sure you consider these important factors. 

  • Cost: Check the total price for your entire order to see how much it will cost to do it yourself versus an online option or local shop. 
  • Convenience: Will it be a hassle to get to this shop or send an online choice of your home videos? Make sure you consider that as well as the time it will take for conversion whether you are doing it yourself or having it done professionally. 
  • Quality: Check reviews of digital converters and professional services to see how their quality checks out. 
  • Security: Do not risk your precious memories by choosing a below-average service of digital converter. This is one of the most important factors since there’s only one copy of your priceless home movies. 


Now you can easily find “VHS to digital near me” with tons of local services, online options, and DIY methods to choose from. Just make sure you consider the amount of time it will take as well as the quality, cost, and convenience. 

For top-quality VHS to digital, DVD, and USB conversion at an affordable price and delivery in 30 days or less, choose Capture. Click here to get started today.

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