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Three Easy Steps - a straightforward path to digitizing your memories.

  1. Create Your Order: Gather your media and create your order based on the media type and quantity you want to send in. Add any physical outputs you would like and make sure to add a discount code if you have one.
  2. Send Us Your Items: Use the courier of your choice to send us your memories. If you'd like, you can add a prepaid shipping label at checkout. Once we receive your media, we get to work on the process of digitization.
  3. Receive Your Memories: In just a few weeks, we will transform your physical memories into digital treasures. You will be able to access your digitized memories and we will send back your media and any physical outputs.
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If you need assistance creating your order, we have a step-by-step video guide to help you get started.

DVC to Digital Service
Convert Your Old DVC Tapes to Digital Copies, USB, DVD & More!

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Cost to Convert Old DVC Tapes to Digital

Pricing is based on the amount of video content successfully processed. 

Capture prices our DVC to digital services depending on the length of tape and start at $29.99 for the first two hours of each tape. Then, we can digitize each additional 2 hours for $29.99.

In addition, when needed, this affordable pricing includes videotape repair and case replacement.

If the actual length of your precious memories is longer than what you originally paid for, our friendly customer service team will contact you via email to confirm what to digitize.

Get a USB copy of your entire order for just $14.99, and there's no need to purchase additional USBs for more content like photo prints or videotapes unless you want extra copies.

Our DVDs are priced at $6.99 per disc, which can hold up to 2 hours of footage.

To get additional copies for sharing, simply add multiple DVD orders above.

Why Choose Capture for Converting Your DVC tapes?

Can one company really offer all of this? We're here to prove it to you. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’ve backed Costco’s money-back guarantee for more than 15 years. If you’re unhappy with your digital copy, we’ll reprocess it for free.

State-of-the-Art Tracking and Security

We know exactly where every piece of media is, through which hand, in which box, every step of the way.

The Fastest Turnaround Time

Receive your cherished digital copy in less than 30 days including shipping time (as opposed to the industry standard of 10 to 12 weeks), without extra charges or fees.

Trusted by Top Retail Brands

Exclusive partnerships with major brands like Costco, Walmart, Google Photos, CVS, and Sam’s Club.

Unmatched Technical Advantage

The ability to digitize photos without removing them from albums.

Auto integration with Google Photos

API integration to allow automatic transfer to your library. We also help iCloud users to upload media to their accounts.

Sensitive Information Protection

Our secure Memory Cloud storage system guarantees only customers have access to their memories.

Complimentary Backup

We offer a complimentary 60-day backup of your digitized media, giving you extra peace of mind.

Quality Care

Know your original format home movies are in good hands because we take the utmost care while creating the highest quality digital replicas guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Media Repairs

We repair and clean your original media when we digitize videotapes. We can fix damage including broken cases, mild ribbon damage, and clean mold off of a videotape.

What's Included in Our DVC Tapes to Digital Conversion Services?

  • Downloadable digital video
  • USB & DVD if you ordered these
  • 60-day backup
  • Quality guarantee
  • Videotape repair and case replacement (if needed)
  • Auto-Save to Google Photos (optional)

Video transfers preserve the quality of your footage as it appears on the tape.

The digital file will typically be captured at 720 x 480 (same as MiniDV), which is higher than VHS resolution estimated at 333 x 480.

  • You won’t be charged for unsuccessful transfer.
  • You won’t be charged for empty videotapes.

How Does the Video Transfer Process Work?

Digitize videotapes in less than 30 days in only 3 steps:

Create your order. Then, gather your videotapes and home movies that you would like to digitize.
Prepare your media to be shipped by packing it safely. You can add a pre-paid shipping label to your order or use your own shipping option to mail your media.
After we assess your items, you will review an invoice. Once you approve it, we'll begin digitizing your memories. Within 4 weeks, you'll receive high-quality digital versions of your VHS tapes along with your originals.

What Formats of Videotapes Are Accepted?

Our video tape transfer service can convert your analog media, including:

VHS, SVHS, VHSC, SVHSC, MiniDV, Betamax, DV, DVCAM, Video8, Hi-8, and Digital8

Regardless of what types of tapes you have, we can turn them into lasting, high-quality digital memories. If you are unsure whether your home movies are accepted for our video transfer service, feel free to contact us and we will help you preserve your memories for future generations.

More About Our Data Security and Privacy To Safeguard Your DVC Tapes

Your memories are in good hands because we take every precaution to ensure every moment is safe.

We provide 24/7 monitoring, advanced tracking, and state-of-the-art security to protect your memories from the moment they arrive until they are shipped back to you.

You can check the processing status throughout the entire transfer with regular email notifications, so you know your precious memories are in good hands.

Plus, our friendly customer service experts are here to help if you have any questions.

Every memory processed by our video conversion service is safeguarded with a 60-day back-up stored in your complimentary MemoryCloud account.

We use secure cloud storage to ensure only you have access to your memories.

Organizing Your DVC Tapes for Shipping

Let us know what we're digitizing, so we can accurately title and organize your files.

Providing the date of your videotapes allows us to put them in chronological order for easy future viewing.

Label your DVC tapes before sending them to us to make organizing your memories a breeze.

Click “Tell us about your memories” area to provide any personal details you want us to include in the digital copies, such as titles, years, and places.

We offer the option to auto-save digital files to your Google Photos Library for easy organization by location and time on your smartphone, tablet, or other device.

Plus, our video conversion option comes with smart chapters, highlight videos, and personalized titles and themes for your enjoyment and organization.

Frequently Asked Questions About Video Conversion

Once you’ve created your order, we’ll guide you through shipping your items to us via email. Here's what you can expect:
  • Packaging: Securely pack your items in a box. We recommend using bubble wrap or other protective packing materials for added safety.
  • Shipping: We provide instructions on how to ship your package, ensuring it arrives safely at our digitization center.
  • Receipt Confirmation: Upon receiving your items, we’ll send a confirmation email, signaling the start of the digitization process.
  • Order Progress: We’ll keep you updated every step of the way after we receive your memories. You’ll receive periodic emails about your order so you can monitor their journey with us and back to you.

All orders include a Digital Download in MemoryCloud, which is best suited for viewing on computers, smartphones, or iPads/tablets, providing easy access without the need for physical media.

You then have the option to add on a physical output:

  • USBs: Perfect for physical backup, versatile gifting, and compatibility with devices like computers, laptops, and smart TVs.
  • DVDs: Ideal for traditional gifts, particularly for recipients with DVD players or game consoles.
After digitization, we'll send you a final invoice detailing the total cost. Upon payment, you'll receive access to your digital memories. Your original items will be shipped back to you with care, completing the preservation of your treasured moments. If you decide to not go through with your transfer after receiving the invoice we will ship your memories back to you and the transaction will be complete.
We take the security of your memories very seriously. Our instructions include safe packing methods, and to use reliable shipping carriers with tracking services. For added peace of mind, we recommend choosing a shipping option with insurance.

A DVC tape is a type of compact cassette that, like Betamax and VHS tapes, uses magnetic tape to record home movies. They are also known as S-size, small cassettes, and MiniDV cassettes. Unlike VHS tapes, they stored digital video instead of analog, which means they offer higher resolution, better colors, and other benefits.

While both DVD and DVC store digital video, a DVC tape does so with a cassette box and magnetic tape, while DVD uses an optical disc. They were both developed and released in the mid-90s, but MiniDV tapes were more likely to be used for home movies at that time.

  1. Once we receive your DVC video tapes, we will carefully clean the tape, check for damage, and scan through the video.
  2. Then, we use professional-grade converting equipment to convert your home movies by hand into the highest quality digital format.
  3. Before sending the original and digital versions back to you, we will check the color, inspect the quality, and save a backup to ensure your memories are never lost and always exactly as you remembered them.
  4. You will receive your original DVC tapes and digital copies in less than 30 days including shipping so you can cherish your memories forever.

There are 4 primary grades of Mini DV tape: Premium Series (PR), Videographers grade (VG), High Definition (HD), and the standard consumer-grade DVC tape. Capture can convert all DVC types into long-lasting digital copies.

Here are the video formats we convert: If you don't know the type of tapes you have, just select any of these options or visit our videotape conversion page to start an order. We'll assess them and let you know if we can help with the conversion.