How Our Video Transfer Service Works to Preserve Your Legacy

Your VHS tapes won’t last forever, but you can preserve your captured memories and experiences with high-quality digital files using our VHS to digital service.

Digitize videotapes in less than 30 days in only 3 steps:

Create your order using the button below. Then, gather your VHS tapes and home movies that you would like to digitize.

Send us your home movies and VHS tapes with your own shipping label or by adding one during the checkout process and drop it off at your local UPS store.

In less than 4 weeks, you will receive high quality digital versions of your VHS tapes as well as your original copies.

Why Should You Digitize VHS?

There are lots of reasons to digitize videotapes including to:

VHS tapes wear out and deteriorate over time, so transferring them to a digital video in cloud storage to be preserved for future generations.

By digitizing your VHS tapes, you can protect your memories in case of unexpected events, like wildfires and floods.

With digital transitions of your VHS tapes, you can easily rename, archive, and add additional information to your files.

USB and DVD take up much less space than VHS tapes. You can also store your files on your MAC, or computer, in the cloud (iCloud, Google Photos, Dropbox), or on a hard drive.

As VHS players become more and more obsolete, it's important to transfer your tapes to a digital format that can be viewed on any device in real time.

By digitizing your VHS tapes, you can ensure that your loved ones have easy access to your memories without having to fight over physical copies.

With digital copies of your VHS tapes, you can easily share your memories with friends, family, and neighbors online.

By transferring your VHS tapes to platforms like Google Photos, you can take advantage of advanced search, archive, and reminder features.

With video editing software, you can improve the quality of your videos and even create new memories by combining old footage with new.

What Formats of VHS Are Accepted?

Digitize several VHS formats including standard VHS, compact VHS (VHS-C), super VHS (S-VHS), and compact S-VHS (S-VHS-C) with our VHS to digital service and transform your memories into downloadable links, USBs, or DVDs.

Standard VHS Tapes:
Work in a standard VHS VCR system using a tape-based analog recording system. These are the most commonly used type.

Compact VHS Tapes:
Use standard VHS tape, but encase it in a smaller cassette, so that you could use them in more portable and smaller camcorders. but they needed to be included in an adaptor to playback in a regular VCR system.

S-VHS and S-VHS-C:
Provide a higher quality image because they have more horizontal resolution lines. In addition, they offer improved chrominance, which means they have superior color to the standard and compact VHS options.

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Standard VHS can record 120 minutes of footage

VHS-C tapes are limited to 30 minutes (or 60 minutes for longer runtime)

S-VHS and S-VHS-C offer significantly longer playtime up to 10 hours in certain modes

You can extend the standard VHS runtime using long play (LP) mode, extended play (EP) mode, or different tape labels that yield a longer runtime.

Regardless of what types of VHS tapes you have, we can turn them into lasting, high-quality digital memories. If you are unsure whether your home movies are accepted for our video transfer service, feel free to contact us and we will help you preserve your memories for future generations.

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What is Unique About Capture?

Trusted by top retail brands

Exclusive partnerships with major brands like Costco, Walmart, Google Photos, CVS, and Sam’s Club.

A state-of-the-art tracking and security system

We know exactly where every piece of media is, through which hand, in which box, every step of the way.

Guaranteed results

We’ve backed Costco’s money-back guarantee for more than 15 years. If you’re unhappy with your digital copy, we’ll reprocess it for free.

Unmatched technical advantage

The ability to digitize photos without removing them from albums.

Auto integration with Google Photos

API integration to allow automatic transfer to your library. We also help iCloud users to upload media to their accounts.

Sensitive information protection

Our secure Memory Cloud storage system guarantees only customers have access to their memories.

Complementary backup

We offer a complimentary 60-day backup of your digitized media, giving you extra peace of mind.

Fast Turnaround Time

Receive your cherished digital copy in less than 30 days including shipping time (as opposed to the industry standard of 10 to 12 weeks), without extra charges or fees.

Quality Care

Know your original format home movies are in good hands because we take the utmost care while creating the highest quality digital replicas guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Media Repairs

We repair and clean your original media when we digitize videotapes. We can fix damage including broken cases, mild ribbon damage, and clean mold off of a videotape.

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They did an excellent job! The transfer of my vhs camcorder cassette to dvd looks great, and I had good email updates throughout the process to know where it was at.



I highly recommend Capture for VHS to DVD transfers. They do quality work. The music they use to showcase certain footage enhances the quality and the memories.



It was amazing what you did to digitize my 40 year old movies. They appear to be better than the original movie itself. Picture quality is very sharp and crisp.


M. Camp

This means so much to me – you don't know. My dad was a movie taker, and now it's me who is passing along the tradition.


Frequently Asked Questions

A VHS is an analog video recording format that uses tape cassettes that were popular for home movies from the mid-70s until the early 2000s when it was replaced by digital media. Because of the long-term popularity of the VHS and camcorder format, many people still have them in storage but have yet to preserve them for future generations through digitization.

VHS to digital service means changing your old-fashioned VHS home movies into a digital format that is easier to share, higher quality, and more likely to last for decades.

VHS stores video and audio in an analog format using tape while DVDs are a disc that stores the information digitally.

1. Once we receive your videotapes, we will carefully clean the tape, check for damage, and scan through the video.

2. Then, we use professional grade converting equipment to convert your VHS tapes by hand into the highest quality digital format.

3. Before sending the original and digital copies back to you, we will check the color, inspect the quality, and save a backup to ensure your memories are never lost and always exactly as you remembered them.

4. You will receive your original home videos and digital copy in less than 30 days including shipping so you can cherish your memories forever.

Our video transfer service can convert your VHS videotapes into a downloadable digital copy, USB drive, or DVD.

The downloadable digital copy will be secure in our memory cloud with a complementary 30-day backup.

If you prefer to have a tangible copy, make sure you add a USB flash drive or a DVD output during the checkout process.

To use the USB thumb drive, your computer or hard drive need to have a built-in usb port, or an adapter with a usb port.

To play a DVD, your TV or other devices need to have a DVD player.

These days, the most popular format for storing videos is MP4 because this format is easy to store and share and can play on most modern digital devices and platforms.

On average a gigabyte holds approximately an hour of video footage.

Capture can finish the digitization process in less than 21 days without shipping and less than 30 days with shipping. However, sometimes there are delays for unexpected reasons, but we will always keep you informed with updates about your original home movies and digitization process. {In my opinion, using days is the better choice, as weeks are perceived as longer than days}

There are a few digital converter options to transfer VHS inputs to a digital file and there are specific VHS to DVD converter if you want to have a DVD copy for archive or storage.

Our advice for DIY video capture is to make sure your research well because there usually won’t be an option to reprocess or repair your tapes in case the machine malfunctions.

We also recommend you do a test run before converting your precious memories on a new converter bought on Amazon.

What Other Formats of Videotapes Can Capture Preserve?

Digitize several VHS formats including standard VHS, compact VHS (VHS-C), super VHS (S-VHS), and compact S-VHS (S-VHS-C) with our VHS to digital service and transform your memories into downloadable links, USBs, or DVDs.


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