Celebrate Fatherhood in 2023 with 35 Memorable Present & Gift Ideas for Dads to Create Lasting Memories

Celebrate Fatherhood in 2023 with 35 Memorable Present & Gift Ideas for Dads to Create Lasting Memories

Whether you’re preparing for Father’s Day, need a birthday gift for your dad, or just want to tell him how much he means to you, it’s always wonderful to choose a sentimental gift that prioritizes memories and experiences. Those are the types of gifts that fathers remember and cherish forever. 

Capture loves preserving old memories for millions of families, but we also want to make sure you keep creating special memories. That’s why we put together these 35 memorable, sentimental, and adventurous presents for dads.

Keep reading for dad gift inspiration including personalized gifts, family experiences, entertaining activities, and travel and vacation-related gifts for fathers including photo albums, weekend getaways, cooking classes, picnics, camping, letters, and so much more! 

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Personalized Presents for Dad

personalized presents

1. Family photo album or personalized picture frame

A family photo album is one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas or a perfect gift for any purpose because it includes memories and loved ones that can be cherished forever. If your dad likes high-tech gadgets, you can also digitize his photos and home movies to create a digital album for him. 

2. Customized memory book or scrapbook

If you want to add a little more personalization, you can create a memory book or scrapbook that details your most memorable experiences with dad. You can create it from scratch or find a scrapbooking kit on Amazon. 

3. Customized photo calendar featuring family pictures and special dates

There’s no better way to make sure your dad uses his unique gift for an entire year than to buy him a calendar. However, a more memorable birthday gift or surprise present is to customize a calendar with special dates, family pictures, and meaningful traditions. 

4. Engraved or personalized family tree keepsake

Another option is to engrave a family tree keepsake, desk ornament, or charm. If you have the type of dad who likes functional gifts, then you can even get an engraved smartwatch, bottle opener, Apple Airpods, or Yeti Tumbler. This allows you to get him something he can use while also offering a personal, memorable, or sentimental message. 

5. Personalized family name sign or custom-made wall art for home décor

Is your dad’s house undecorated? You can get him a personalized family sign or custom wall art to spruce things up. Plus, if you’re looking for sports-related gifts for Dad or other niche hobbies, then you can find wall art that incorporates his favorite team, genre of music, movie (like Star Wars!), or anything else! 

Experiences to Enjoy with Friends and Family

6. Tickets to a concert or live performance he would enjoy

There are plenty of generic outdoor and adventure gifts for fathers, but if you want something that is the perfect gift based on his interests, then a concert or live performance may be a good idea. You can take him to see his favorite band, sports team, convention, or anything else.

7. A weekend getaway or vacation package for the family

Every dad likes to get away from the regular stressors of daily life and a weekend getaway is exactly how to do that. Not only will you enjoy a memorable weekend, but you’ll reduce your father’s stress levels and rejuvenate his energy. 

8. Gift of an experience, such as a hot air balloon ride, helicopter tour, or zip-lining adventure

For all the outdoorsy dads and thrill-seeking enthusiasts, a hot air balloon ride, helicopter tour, zip-lining adventure, or even a sky-diving experience can all be great. You can also combine it with a weekend getaway vacation for double the memories!

9. Cooking or mixology classes for him to enjoy with friends or family

Is your dad a chef or BBQ grill master? Give him a cooking class! You can also throw in a fire pit, stainless steel Ooni pizza oven, meat thermometer, waffle iron, and other cooking essentials to give him everything he needs to make his dreams come true. Another option for the whiskey or rum loving fathers out there is a mixology class that can teach him to make the best cocktails.  

10. Subscription to a meal kit service for fun family cooking sessions

Sometimes dads want to cook more often, but they don’t have the right ingredients or time to buy the more uncommon goods. To go along with a cooking class or cooking and grilling gifts for dad (or as a standalone unique gift idea for Dad), you can also get him a gift card or subscription to a meal delivery service that provides all the instructions and ingredients for him to make the tastiest meals. 

Fun Activities for Quality Time

11. Outdoor camping gear for memorable family camping trips

Another great gift for dads is to simply get him tons of camping gear and equipment. You can go to Walmart or REI for affordable presents for dad and come away with fishing poles, a tent, water bottle, cordless beard trimmer, camping cookware, outdoor clothing, durable Bluetooth speaker, and much more for an exciting family camping trip. 

12. Board games or interactive group games for family game nights

Some of the best gifts for dad are the simple things that create countless memorable experiences. One of those options is a board game or other family games that can bring the family together. Those are the memories that your dad is sure to cherish for the rest of his life. You can even get a book or gift set with tons of dad jokes you can tell each other! 

13. Spa or wellness retreat for him to relax and rejuvenate with loved ones

Sometimes fitness and wellness gifts for dad are a great way to tell your father that you truly care about their well-being. Try getting him a day at a spa or a complete weekend retreat for the whole family to escape to paradise. This can include all sorts of meditation, skincare, 

14. Wine or whiskey tasting experience with friends or family

Lots of dads love wine or whiskey, but a tasting is not necessarily something they would buy themselves. That’s your job! While this is not something you’re likely to find in a last-minute New York Times gift guide, it can be a great gift built around a real experience.

15. DIY pottery or art class for a creative and bonding experience

For the more artistic Father's Day gift suggestions, an art, pottery, painting, or other craft class can be a great choice. Plus, having a hobby is great for mental health and well-being, so you’ll get a gift that brings true happiness!

Entertainment and Enjoyment with Loved Ones

16. Tickets to a sporting event or favorite team's game

If your dad is a sports enthusiast, then there might be nothing better for him than tickets to his favorite team’s next event! Or, if he already goes to regular games, get him a ticket to the playoffs for an exciting and memorable day out. 

17. Photography or videography equipment to capture precious family moments

If your dad doesn’t already have a digital camera or camcorder to capture all his most precious family moments, that can be a great gift that will keep on giving for years to come. You can also include Google Drive storage, noise-canceling headphones, and other great tech gifts from Best Buy to go with his nifty photography gear. 

18. A family-friendly movie night kit with popcorn, snacks, and DVDs

A family movie night can be a wonderful experience. You can get his favorite movies, popcorn, snacks, candy, and other great gifts and put them all in a tote for a completely packaged movie night experience for the whole family. 

19. Customized puzzle featuring a memorable family photo

Did you know that you can have a puzzle of your dad’s favorite family photos? How this isn’t one of the best-selling presents for dads we’ll never understand. It’s affordable, fun to put together, and 100% personalized and memorable. 

20. Personalized picnic set for outdoor gatherings with friends and family

A picnic is a great experience that’s relaxing, nostalgic, and tons of fun. You can get your father a complete picnic set with table, umbrella, BBQ equipment, cooking books, and reading gifts for fathers. 

Meaningful Gestures and Surprises

21. A heartfelt handwritten letter or poem expressing your love and appreciation

One of the best dad presents is simply telling them how you feel about them. You can do this with a handwritten letter, poem, or song. You can even include some charms, drawings, or photos to make it really special. 

22. Customized BBQ Apron, T-Shirt, Tie, or Sweater

While a BBQ apron, tie, sweater, or t-shirt may seem like generic fashion and accessories for dad, you can turn it into a meaningful gesture for a new take on an old classic. You can include special photos, written limericks, or even your favorite dad joke. 

23. Family-themed board game like "Family Feud" or "Trivial Pursuit: Family Edition"

While an entire board game night was one of our other presents for dads ideas, you can simply buy one of these games for them to create future memories. You can even make your own board game based on your unique family traditions. 

24. Surprise family reunion or gathering to create lasting memories together

Getting the whole family together is sometimes hard, but if you can do it then this might be a fantastic moment for your dad and the rest of your loved ones. You can even plan a whole day of activities and experiences for everyone, like a dad roast, basketball game, family trivia, or anything else. 

25. Surprise visit or day trip to a place that holds special memories for the family

Try surprising your dad and taking them to their childhood home, the place where he met his wife, or any other special place in your dad’s legacy. 

Additional Gift Idea

26. Adventure or mystery-themed escape room experience for a thrilling group activity

Escape rooms are super popular these days simply because they are fun. If your dad likes mysteries and challenging puzzles, this can be a great idea for a small group of his closest friends or family members. 

27. DIY home movie theater kit with a projector, screen, and popcorn maker

If your dad is a movie aficionado, then getting them a kit to create their own movie nights every weekend is a great option. You can include several of his favorite movies, a Wi-Fi projector, popcorn maker, screen, and, if you’re feeling like spending a little more, a massaging recliner (or even just a Theragun). 

28. Subscription to a family-friendly activity box or monthly subscription service

There are tons of monthly subscription boxes. There are mystery game subscriptions, wine tasting boxes, coffee delivery options, or even just streaming service subscriptions. Simply choose one of your dad’s hobbies and Google relevant subscriptions.

29. Guided nature hike or outdoor exploration with a local expert

If your dad is an outdoorsy type who also likes to learn as much as possible about his experiences, then you can combine the two with an expertly guided nature hike or outdoor excursion. You can take him to a National Park and learn all there is to know about biology, geology, and history. 

30. Virtual reality (VR) gaming system for immersive family gaming sessions

VR games are tons of fun and a joyful experience for the whole family. You’ll laugh, yell, and take turns playing immersive games. Plus, you can have friendly competitions and keep using them every time you get together for years to come. 

31. Family bike ride or cycling adventure

Taking a family bike ride or cycling adventure can be a lot of fun. However, if that’s not something you can do, you can just buy your dad a new bicycle that’s comfortable, fun, and helps him get into shape. Don’t forget to include a helmet! 

32. Subscription to a monthly book club to encourage shared reading experiences

For the readers out there, some of the best presents for dads are simply thoughtful books based on hobbies, interests, and goals. You can find books relevant to gadgets and tech gifts for dad, cooking, philosophy, nature, camping, steak, tools, and home improvement, and much more. 

33. A fancy meal at dad’s favorite restaurant 

Whether you want affordable or luxury gifts for dad, taking him out to eat is a good choice. It not only gives you time to talk and bond, but also allows your dad to eat his favorite food. You can combine this with any of the other gifts as well! 

34. Surprise family-friendly adventure or water park outing

There’s not much better than getting surprised with an adventure or outing with the family. Whether you go to a theme park or water park, museum, beach, or anywhere else, it’s a great way to spend some time together making new dad memories while bonding over old ones. 

35. Customized family portrait or caricature artwork

Creating a customized family portrait can capture the essence of your dad and the rest of the family and ensure that dad will always be able to look back on the experience. You can create your own caricature or portrait as well if you have an artistic side!


If you don’t want the same tools and home improvement gifts for fathers that most other gift guides recommend, then hopefully you will find some inspiration in our list of the 35 best meaningful presents for dads. Finding something that allows you to cherish old memories, create new memories, and bond over memorable experiences is not always easy, but it’s worth it because that’s exactly what dads love the most. 

If you want to give your dad a gift of eternal digital memories, Capture can turn your old photos, home movies, and film reels into high quality digital copies that are easy to view, share, and keep forever. You can even give your Dad the gift of preserving memories themselves with our digitizing gift ideas Click here to learn more. 


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