10+ Thoughtful Platinum Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife or Partner

10+ Thoughtful Platinum Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Wife or Partner

Are you and your partner coming up on your 70th year anniversary? Congratulations! Now you have to start finding a gift. Good thing Capture is here with 20 years of experience preserving lasting memories.

Our digitization team put together this guide to inspire your wedding anniversary gift ideas. Keep reading to discover 10+ Platinum anniversary ideas including traditional jewelry and home décor, unique experiences, technology, personalized anniversary presents, and so much more! 

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Overview of Platinum Anniversaries

Platinum anniversary typically refers to a 70th anniversary, but it’s also been used to refer to traditional 20th anniversary gifts as well (though China is more common for 20th). According to the U.S. Census, only 0.1 percent of American couples make it to the 70th anniversary milestone, so it makes sense that it would be platinum which is rarer and heavier than gold.

You might have guessed already that platinum is the traditional gift not only for 70th wedding anniversaries, but it’s also the traditional 70th birthday gift. Platinum, like the marriage it represents, is strong and timeless. 

Additionally, the traditional wedding anniversary flower for 20 years is the aster which stands for love and wisdom. The chrysanthemum is the 70th anniversary flower that symbolizes loyalty, love’s endurance, and lifelong commitment. 

While platinum might be the traditional gift, there are plenty of options to consider.  Whether you need a 20-year anniversary gift or 70th, read on to find all the ideas you need to inspire the best, most thoughtful gift!

Traditional Platinum Anniversary Gifts

We’ll start with ideas that incorporate traditional platinum with both platinum jewelry gifts and platinum home décor. 


Platinum rings, necklaces, pendants, bangles, and bracelets are all top-quality platinum gifts for her while a watch makes a great platinum gift for him. You can even add platinum to your existing wedding rings to celebrate the special milestone. 

Many of these options you can have professionally engraved with your wedding or anniversary date, a meaningful gemstone, or a special message. 

Even if you don’t personalize the gift, platinum will last forever, giving something as eternal as the love it represents. However, we recommend finding a reputable jeweler because there is a lot of fake platinum out there as well. 

If it’s your 20th wedding anniversary gift, then you can combine platinum-dipped fine China to combine both traditional gifts into an extra special trinket.

Home Decor Items

If your partner isn’t a big fan of jewelry, then consider using the traditional platinum in another way: for home décor. Whether it’s platinum dinnerware, picture frames, or plated vases, these can go a long way to symbolize your love. 

A platinum picture frame combines the traditional gift with a special photo or even a photo collage gift idea showing your entire 20 or 70 year journey. That means you can add your favorite wedding pictures, old holiday photos, vacation reels, and so much more to create something thoughtful without dismissing the platinum symbolism.  

Modern and Unique Platinum Anniversary Gifts

If you want a more original gift other than platinum, here are some great ideas that you can use to inspire your own unique anniversary gifts.

Experiences and Getaways

Some of the most memorable romantic gift ideas are based around experiences. Not only does it show your partner how much you care, but it also allows you to get together for a romantic date night or longer getaway. 

Luxury travel packages can mean a celebratory time within a romantic retreat, in another country, or on a luxury cruise. These can create lifelong memories of your times together, making it an exceptional modern anniversary gift. 

Additionally, exclusive dining experiences can also be memorable and are a great gift for any foody. It means celebrating over a shared luxury meal. You can even hire a chef to cook a specially prepared meal of your partner’s favorite foods with their own unique flair for a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Personalized and Custom Gifts

Some of the most special 20, 30, 40, or 50th anniversary gifts also work for 70th like personalized gifts with a customized message, photos, names, or dates. As we mentioned earlier you can personalize jewelry whether it’s made of platinum, sterling silver, or real rose gold. Adding a short message of love can make these great gifts just that much better. Whether it’s cufflinks, a watch, rings, or any other piece of jewelry, they can keep wearing it to be reminded of your love and generosity. 

You can also base a gift around your partner’s interests or everyday activities, then add a special message to make it more meaningful. Some personalized options available online at places like Amazon include ballpoint pens, gift boxes, or platinum records. 

All sorts of keepsakes and trinkets can be personalized. If you’d rather add a photo to a picture frame or anniversary card to personalize it, you can choose Capture to digitize the photo for you for printing, enlarging, or editing. This ensures the memory lasts forever while also making it easier to use for personalized platinum keepsakes.

Capture offers top-quality digitization services and even the first-ever touchless photo album scanning service. That means you can simply send your entire photo album to our bulk photo scanning service, and we’ll digitize each image without anyone ever having to remove them from the book.

Technology and Gadgets

Platinum technology gifts make great options as well including platinum-colored electronics. However, any technology or gadget that makes your loved one’s life easier can be a fantastic gift like smart home devices, top-quality headphones, a new phone, or anything else. 

 While many people don’t associate technology with romance, other technology-based options can also incorporate romantic elements like a digital picture frame with all your favorite photo memories already uploaded or a digital playlist that covers your romantic journey through the music you shared.

These can be a perfect gift that combines their interests with the joy of your love and shared experiences. 

DIY and Budget-Friendly Platinum Anniversary Gifts

Now it’s time for budget-friendly platinum gifts that are just as thoughtful, memorable, and meaningful as any other gift you could choose. 

Handmade Gifts

Handmade gifts are some of our favorites. They might not be expensive, but they take effort, thought, and care. The sky’s the limit with these types of gifts. You can make decorations that symbolize your love, make your own jewelry in your partner’s favorite style, or make personalized crafts that detail your 20 or 70 years together. 

You can learn how to scrapbook and add in tons of great photos of you and your partner. For example, you can make it chronologically starting with photos from your early relationship and then gradually moving toward your platinum anniversary gift. 

Another option is to digitize your old photos using Capture. It’s affordable and ensures all those photo memories last forever in high-quality digital format. Digital files are also easier to share over social media and email with friends and loved ones. 

In fact, even if you’re using physical photos for a scrapbook or other photo gift for him or her, we recommend having them converted to digital first just in case the original versions get ruined, lost, or damaged. 

Creative Gift Ideas

Just in case you still haven’t found the perfect gift, here are some additional creative gift ideas you might want to consider:

  • Platinum-plated everyday items
  • Daylilies or other flowers
  • DIY gift box
  • Custom portraits
  • Hand-written notes, songs, or poems
  • A kitchen or bath remodel
  • Subscription gift boxes based on hobbies 
  • A wedding band playing music from your wedding day
  • Sound wave art
  • Donation in their name 


Tips for Choosing the Perfect Platinum Anniversary Gift

Here are some tips for getting the absolute perfect 20th wedding anniversary or 70 year wedding anniversary gift.

Understanding Preferences and Interests

Try to consider your loved one’s interests and preferences when considering different anniversary gift ideas. Sentimental value is often more important than monetary value, so try to choose something your partner would appreciate. That’s not to say luxury anniversary gifts can’t be great, but adding some sentimentality and meaning to any gift can elevate the experience. 

Incorporating Personal Touches

Whether personalizing the entire gift or adding personalized elements like dates, photos, or names can make an already special gift even more special. If you are adding a meaningful message or engraving to an item, make sure it is filled with loving thoughts. It could be something already written like your wedding day vows or something completely new giving your romantic thoughts on your journey to this point, but doing so will greatly improve your platinum wedding anniversary gift. 

Balancing Budget and Quality

While you don’t want to overspend, you also want to get quality gifts that are made to last like the love you share. Whether platinum-themed experiences, engraved platinum gifts, or tech gadgets, make sure you check out options in different budget ranges and the differences in quality or features. 

If you are getting jewelry, make sure you read reviews and customer experiences. You should also talk to them to make sure they are knowledgeable and helpful when you are selecting your custom platinum gifts. That way, you can celebrate 20 or 70 years of marriage with a high-quality unique gift.


Your platinum anniversary is a special one, which means it requires an extra special gift. Hopefully, this gift guide has given you inspiration for the best 20th anniversary gifts and 70th year gifts.  Just make sure you consider all the options and both the monetary value and meaning behind the gift to ensure a special present your loved one will cherish forever.  

If you are using photos for your gifts, then make sure you digitize them first. Capture offers 30-day turnaround time on all orders, so you still have time to get your 70th anniversary gift in time. Click here to start your order today! 

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