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Capture is the best digitization service for your DVD collection, which is why we are trusted by major retailers like Costco, Walmart, CVS, and Sam’s Club. Plus, we proudly work with Google Photos, which makes it easy to store, archive, and preserve your DVD memories in your Google Photos Library.

DVD discs are prone to scratches, and degradation is inevitable. So, it’s important to convert your DVD collection into digital video format. That way, you can ensure loved ones will be able to enjoy your home movies and memories for years to come.

Capture also offers the fastest DVD digitization service in the industry! You will receive your digital copies alongside your original DVD movies in less than 30 days, significantly faster than the standard 70+ days.

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Why Should You Convert DVD to digital formats?

For a while, DVD was the go-to to transfer VHS and other analog media, but they can wear out over time while a digital conversion service ensures those memories last forever.

Save your DVD files from potential damage, floods, fires, theft, and more by turning them into digital artifacts.

With digital versions of the image and video files on your DVDs, you can easily rename, archive, and add information.

Instead of wasting space with DVD cases, digital copies can be contained on your Mac OS or Windows PC computer without a DVD drive. Or store the memories on a hard drive, Android or Apple phone, iPad, or in the cloud on iCloud, Google Photos, or Dropbox.

DVD players are not as common as they used to be and will continue becoming obsolete. So, it’s crucial to transfer your DVDs for compatibility on iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, and other playback options.

With digital video and audio content of everything on your DVD, your loved ones won’t have to fight over physical copies and you will be able to easily share your memories instantly over social media or email.

When you convert DVD to digital, you can instantly use platforms like Google Photos for advanced search, archive, and reminder features.

With digital files, you can use video editing software to improve the quality and even combine old footage with new footage, add subtitles, and more.

How Capture Transfers DVDs to Digital Formats?

While your DVDs will not last forever, the memories, moments, and movies contained in them can – with our DVD to digital service.

Digitize DVDs in less than 30 days in three simple steps:

Create your new order using the button below. Then, gather your DVD videos and any additional information about their content that you want to give us.
Send us your DVD collection from your local courier. You can add a shipping label during the easy Capture checkout process.
Receive digital video files as well as your original DVDs in less than 30 days.

What Options Can I Use to Convert DVD to Digital?

There are several options for converting DVD to digital that you may want to consider including both DIY and done-for-you services.

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DVD Ripper Apps

There are several apps you can use to convert DVDs into different output format types including ISO, MP4, MKV, MOV, WMV, and more, making it possible to play DVD content without a specified DVD player or DVD drive. Some of these apps, like Make MKV and HandBrake, are open source and available for free download. Other DVD ripper apps cost money, like WinX, which can cost as much as $47. DVD ripping will still require that you have an internal or external DVD drive to attach to your computer.


  • Affordable (with free DVD converter apps even available)
  • Easy to use


  • Quality can differ depending on the app and file type (especially with compressed files)
  • Time-consuming
  • May only work for some DVDs

DVD to Digital Converter

This is another option that allows you to use your existing DVD player or DVD drive to convert to digital format with the touch of a button. You can find options on Amazon for as little as $10 to $20, but other options are better including the ClearClick Video to Digital Converter for $159.95. This option offers viewability while digitizing DVDs. Most DVD to digital converters don’t require a computer and let you download the digital copies directly onto a USB flash drive or SD card by connecting an AVI cable to your DVD player.


  • No computer required
  • Affordable


  • Time-consuming
  • May require some tech-savvy knowledge
  • Compared with original file, the new file may be smaller and lose some quality

VUDU Disc-to-Digital

If you only have storebought movies in your DVD collection, you can use VUDU to add those old DVDs to their streaming service for $2 for Blu-Ray discs and $5 for DVD to HD. You can even use your Android and Apple IOS devices to convert them. However, it only works for certain movies and won’t do anything for your memories, photographs, and videos stored on DVDs.


  • Instant high-quality digitization of select DVD movies
  • Very easy to do


  • Only works for certain movies (not your precious memories)
  • Can get a little expensive if you have a huge Blu-Ray or DVD collection

Capture DVD to Digital Service

Capture offers a premium service to convert your DVDs into digital memories fast. We do everything by hand to ensure your original media is safe while we transfer your photos and videos into easily shareable digital files. We can also transfer your MiniDVD or Data CD memories!


  • Affordable prices starting at $29.99 for the first 90 minutes of DVD (and $29.99 for every 90 minutes after)
  • Professional results that are guaranteed or we will reprocess free of charge
  • Fast process in less than 30 days compared to the industry average of 70+ days


  • We don’t enhance colors or improve the resolution of your home videos (but you can use video editing software on the digital copies yourself!)

What Makes Capture the Best DVD Transfer Service?

Trusted by Top Retail brands

We have exclusive partnerships with major retailer brands like Costco, Walmart, Google Photos, and CVS.

State-of-the-Art Tracking and Security

By tracking your DVDs every step of the way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your precious memories are in good hands.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re dissatisfied with the results, we will reprocess your DVDs for free.

Google Photos Integration

Automatically transfer your digital copies to your library using API integration (or upload media to your iCloud account with our help!).

Sensitive Information protection

Our secure Memory Cloud storage system guarantees only customers have access to their memories.

Complimentary 60-Day Backup

We offer a complimentary 60-day backup of your digitized DVDs, so your memories are never lost.

The Fastest Turnaround Time

You will receive your digital transfer (and original media) within 30 days instead of the industry standard of 70+ days.

Professional Care

We handle your DVDs with care while creating priceless digital copies that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

How Much Does It Cost to Digitize DVDs?

How Much Does It Cost to Digitize DVDs?

We price our DVD to digital services by the length of the home movie footage. Our pricing for DVD digitization starts at $29.99 for the first 90 minutes. Then, we can digitize each additional set of 90 minutes for $29.99.

If the actual length of your DVDs is longer than what you originally paid for, our friendly customer service team will contact you via email to confirm what to digitize.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a DVD drive on your computer, you can use software or apps to convert DVD to digital. However, these programs are often targeted at tech-savvy customers and can be extremely time-consuming and difficult to use.
You will need a DVD-ripping app on your Windows 10 as well as an internal or external DVD drive. Then, you will have to follow the media player or DVD ripping app directions.
When you rip a DVD, you can create MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, and other file types depending on what is included on the DVD itself and the platform you are using to convert. However, compared with the original file, the quality of the new file may be lower because of the compression.

What Other Types of Old Devices Does Capture Transfer?

Smart Media (SM)

MultiMediaCard (MMC)