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November 22, 2022

Tips To Nailing Your Holiday Photo

Written by Vanessa Bauch

Tips To Nailing Your Holiday Photo

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are turning, the temperature is dropping, and the thoughts of the beloved holiday card photo begin. Whether you’re planning to create the now-popular photo card or include a photo print in your handwritten card, we have a few tips.



Start Early

This might sound obvious, but starting early is a simple way to take the pressure off, give you time to get your plan, and take your photos without stress. Starting early also might save you money as you’ll be able to jump on sales that pop up. Photo printing sites get ridiculously busy in late November and early December. And while they do have savings offers then, the best offers are often during the earlier, quieter months of fall.



Dress in Complementary Colors

While we all get a kick out of holiday photos where everyone, including the pets, is donning the same pajamas, you can get a photo you’ll love while still keeping it simple. This is definitely one of those times where less is more. Choose outfits that are in a similar color. Start with a neutral color palette (navy, white, gray are always good choices), and then work with two to three accent colors when pulling your family’s’ photo wardrobes together.



Use a Smartphone

The best smartphone cameras these days are astounding. If you have a friend who is willing to spend a few minutes photographing your family with one, you’ll likely get a fantastic shot with little-to-no photograph know-how needed. Try a few different settings, including Portrait, if available. 



Head Outside

Light is a critical component of a good image–and natural light is the best way to incorporate it into your holiday photo. An overcast day is ideal, as direct sun creates unpleasant shadows and washes out color. You can mimic a cloudy day with a large tree, an awning, or any other structure that dissipates the harsh light a bit. Morning and evening light is the most interesting and forgiving. The first and last hours of sunlight are called “the golden hours” and are the most desired times of day for shooting.

In terms of setting, look for somewhere that’s not too busy in terms of background so that the focus on the photo is on you and your family. A forest, a farmscape, the beach, or a park are great spots to consider. Your backyard, or a friends, works too. 


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