Custom Order Price List

Video Transfer
$28.99 for the first 120 minutes
Additional Footage 
$28.99 per 120 minutes
Tape Repair
PAL Format
Film Transfer
$28.99 for the first 100 feet 
Additional Feet 
$0.20 per foot 
Original Audio
Film Cleaning and Repair
Photo Transfer 
$28.99 for the first 50 photos 
Additional Photos
$0.48 per photo
Slide Transfer
$28.99 for the first 50 slides 
Additional Slides
$0.48 per slide
Negative Transfer
$28.99 for the first 50 negatives 
Additional Negatives 
$0.48 per negative
Each frame in the negative strip counts as a single negative.
Digital Media Transfer 
$28.99 for first 90 minutes 
Additional Minutes
$28.99 per 90 minutes
Digital Copy with MemoryCloud Online Access
Additional Copies 
At the time of Original Transfer 
$5.99 per DVD, $11.99 per USB 
Within 60 Days of Original Transfer through MemoryCloud
$10.99 per DVD, $14.99 per USB
Return Shipping 
UPS Ground Shipping Label

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